In 1992, Afghan Singh (a pseudonym) was one member of the significant Hindus and Sikhs community in Kabul’s Kart-e Parwan area who lived a harmonious life and ran successful businesses. Back then, each family in this com­munity possessed two-three vehicles, a fact that testifies to their medium-class economic status. Afghan Singh and his fellow community members never thought a sudden turn of events would take away from them all of their belongings and leave them with no other options but to think about sav­ing their lives. “It was not more than three or four months since the Mujahidin regime took over that coercion, usur­pation and looting began.” Afghan Singh explains the turn of events in a grim tone. “They broke into people’s homes and scared them with Kalashnikovs (AK-47).Their purpose was clear—coercion and extortion. They would forcibly take individuals out of their home and would ask for a hundred, two hundred or five hundred afghanis as ransom. More than half of the bullies were from a particular province, and another thirty-forty percent, including Anwar Dangar, were from the north.”

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