Porsesh Policy Research Institute (PR) is an independent, non- profit policy research think – tank based in the United States. PR’s mission is to produce fact-based analysis that informs constructive interventions and solutions. PR deeply values the impartiality, human-centered design approach and the vitality of the contextualized knowledge in its studies. Historically, this institution has emerged out of a historical tyranny and injustices in Afghanistan which was established in 2015. It has been the only non-profit research institute with focus on minorities, marginalized communities and women, advocating against the prevalent mis-information and dis-information machine that has deviated the trajectory of information history in Afghanistan.  After the collapse of the Afghanistan government to the Taliban in August 2021, the institution was forced to leave the country. PR leadership with the support of a passionate team of U.S colleagues, re-branded and registered the institute as a U.S based policy research think -tank with a global coverage that aims to provide fact-based analysis and solutions to the most pressing policy issues of our time. 


Kara Andrade, Ph.D., M.J.,
Member of Board of Directors and Strategic Communication Strategist
Kara Andrade, Editor in Chief at Carolina Public Press, has 20+ years of experience in journalism, media, social entrepreneurship, public health, and research. She's led projects in 20+ countries, focusing on inclusive narratives to address democracy challenges. As an Ashoka fellow and Fulbright scholar, she co-founded HablaCentro Informatics NFP and LLC, fostering citizen journalism hubs in Latin America during political crises.
Kara, an adjunct professor, holds an M.J. from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Ph.D. from American University's School of Communication. Her dedication drives Carolina Public Press, an award-winning, nonpartisan news organization in North Carolina.
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Dr. Melissa Kerr Chiovenda
Member of Board of Directors
Dr. Melissa Kerr Chiovenda is currently Equity Research Adviser and the US Department of Transportation as part of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Science and Technology Policy Fellowship. Prior to this, she worked as an assistant professor of anthropology at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, for five years. She earned her PhD from University of Connecticut in 2016.
Her research interests have included collective trauma and Hazara civil society activists in Bamyan, Afghanistan, political identity of Afghan refugees in Greece, and ethno-historical and oral history understandings of the Hazara genocide of the late 1800s. She has published numerous articles and book chapters on these topics.
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Ehsan Shayegan
Founder & President
Ehsan, born in war-ravaged Afghanistan, endured forced migration at age 10 due to his persecuted ethnicity under Taliban rule, igniting his passion for positive change. At 24, he founded PR, a human rights-oriented policy research institute, providing fair, and fact-based analyses for constructive interventions. Currently leading a diverse team at PR, Ehsan also oversees student projects at the University of Washington and contributes to a cultural and health information program focused on underserved populations.
With over a decade of involvement in research, he collaborated with various local, regional, and global institutions. Ehsan's interests lie in data privacy, human-centered data & technology, digital and internet disparity.
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Hassan Javid, Ph.D,
Member of Board of Directors & Lead Researcher
Hasan Javid supports immigrants and refugees in their resettlement journey. As an immigrant himself, he empathizes with their challenges, focusing on immigration, integration, identity, and culture. Javid holds a Ph.D. and a Master's in Economics, funded by full scholarships (MEXT) from the Japanese Government, and a bachelor's degree, supported by an ICCR scholarship from India.
Previously, he served as a Cultural Advisor at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul and worked as Deputy Field Program Officer with USAID in Afghanistan for three years. Motivated by social justice, Javid envisions a fair society where all individuals, especially those facing discrimination and limited opportunities, lead fulfilling lives.
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Perla Galindo
Senior Grants Manager
Perla, coming from New Mexico, enriches our team with her profound experience working with immigrant communities, which deeply informs our funding needs. Her commitment to advancing human rights extends across various states, advocating for vulnerable populations in the U.S., Mexico, and worldwide. Perla's expertise includes aiding victims of violence, championing the LGBT+ community, facilitating healthcare access, and collaborating on global initiatives, fostering social change.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Perla finds joy in brewing beer with her home-brewers club and cherishing moments spent with her loyal canine companion, Gizmo.
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Mohammad Reza Sharifi
IT and Information Specialist
Mohammad Reza Sharifi possesses a robust Computer Science background and discovered his teaching passion during 10th-grade ESL instructor at the Star Educational Society in Kabul. On an ICCR scholarship funded by the Indian Government, he earned a Bachelor's in Computer Applications from the University of Mysore, concurrently working as a Web Developer at Shishira Softbiz Pvt, Ltd.
Sharifi nurtured his teaching and programming enthusiasm as a Programming Instructor at Shashwath Institute of Infomatrix and Technologies and Aptech Computer Education. He is now holding a Master's in Computer Science from the University of Mysore.
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Manzoor Hussain Salihy
Manzoor Hussain Salihy is a seasoned Creative Designer, Photographer, and Team Leader with seven years of experience. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and typography, he excels in delivering high-quality projects on time across various print and digital mediums. Manzoor's leadership skills shine through process optimization and team morale boosting.
With a background in Computer Science from Kazakh National Pedagogical University, he is passionate about pushing creative boundaries and optimizing processes for efficient project management.
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Fahim Ahmad Yusufzai
Data Analyst
Fahim is a driven data analyst and accomplished researcher with a Master of Arts in Economics. His career highlights include impactful roles at institutions like The Asia Foundation (TAF), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Afghan Women Network (AWN), Assess Transform Reach (ATR) Consulting, and Institute of War and Peace Studies (IWPS), where he led and contributed to numerous national and sub-national studies.
His publication record covers essential topics, including peace, women's rights, and freedom of expression.
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Nirmal Mani Dahal
Non-Resident Research Fellow
Nirmal Mani Dahal, a dedicated Drought Analyst with a Ph.D. in Physical Geography from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, specializes in climate, drought, and agriculture research. His expertise lies in evaluating climate factors contributing to drought, analyzing drought variability and trends, and assessing the impact of drought on agricultural productivity, particularly in Nepal. Nirmal has published extensively in SCI-indexed journals, focusing on topics such as drought variability, crop yield losses, and the impacts of drought on agriculture.
With over a decade of professional experience in climate change advisory services, research, and monitoring, Nirmal has supported local governments in Nepal through evidence-based approaches, human centered design, co-production of knowledge, citizen science to local planning. His skills include drought modeling and research, project design and implementation, local governance and planning process. Nirmal's work not only contributes to scientific knowledge but also provides practical solutions for stakeholders, empowering them to make informed decisions and adapt to changing climate conditions.Moreover, Nirmal's commitment to driving impactful change through scientific inquiry and practical application is evident in his research. By bridging the gap between scientific insights and practical solutions, Nirmal's work facilitates climate risk mitigation for communities, while also informing policies and disaster management strategies. His dedication to advancing climate resilience and protecting livelihoods underscores his profound understanding of the challenges posed by changing climate, drought, and agriculture, particularly in rural-urban areas.
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Florence (They/Them)
Outreach Officer
Florence is PR’s Outreach Officer. She is a current MPH student at the University of Washington, focusing on social and behavioral science in the division of Health Systems and Population Health. Florence has a varied background in visual arts, homeless youth services, and public health research coordination. Florence is passionate about alleviating suffering and injustice wherever they are found.
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Mahdi Surosh
Research Fellow
Mahdi Surosh holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, concentrating on international security and human rights through the Fulbright program. As a native of Afghanistan, he previously worked with the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee and served as the head of communications and outreach at the Special Anti-Corruption Secretariat, High Council for Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption. Mahdi also documented development project results for organizations like the World Bank, USAID, and others while working with Rumi Consultancy. He obtained his bachelor's degree in journalism from Kabul University and is passionate about researching ethnic and religious conflicts in South Asia, good governance, human rights, and minority rights.
He currently serves as a Program Officer at Freedom House, where he provides support to Afghan human rights defenders and Afghan women both within Afghanistan and in exile.
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Sher Mehryar
Project Coordinator
Sher Mehryar is a journalist living in the United States. He has worked for years as both an editor and journalist with the well-known news agency Etilaatroz. Interested in the complexities of the Middle East, he has dedicated his career to journalism and research. Currently, he serves as a project coordinator with PR, contributing to debates and analysis on human rights and other regional dynamics.
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Yuhan is a recent MPH graduate in health services from the University of Washington. As an international researcher from Taiwan, she has an undergraduate background in public health, finance, and international business. Her recent research focuses on how health insurance affects the retired population's health and assets. Also, she previously worked on helping homecare workers improve their well-being and financial stability.
Currently, she works as a researcher with PR, collaborating with a team of researchers on the "Survey of the Ukrainian Immigrants in Washington State." Yuhan is passionate about health services research, the aging population, and health economics.
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