Porsesh Policy Research Institute (PR) conducts research across the globe for partners in both the public and private spheres. While the research areas we focus on may seem broad, the content we produce is published in various formats. All research we produce is academically rigorous and verified by multiple sources. Check the “Publication” section for completed research.

  • Minorities, Marginalization, Targeted Violence
  • Migration, Integration
  • Crisis & Humanitarian Assistance
  • Human Rights, Technology
  • Freedom, Cyber surveillance
  • Environmental Disaster, Climate Justice
  • Gender, Identity, Representation, Exclusion
  • Breaches, Data Privacy, Identity theft
  • Academic Freedom, Freedom of Speech
  • Transparency, Corruption, Land Grabbing
  • War, Uncertainties, Civilian Casualties
  • Development, Diversity, Exclusion
  • Health Service, Equity, Food Security
  • Employment, Labor, Equity

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Address: Seattle, Washington USA

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