sand_fly_biting Download Full Report: Leishmaniasis Outbreak in Kabul: Case Study of 13th District


Porsesh Research and Studies Organization (PRSO) presented the research findings on “Lashmaniasis outbreak in Kabul: (2016) case study of 13 district” in an event at Ibn-e Sina University, on 12 June, 2016.In this event, stakeholders from various organizations, including the Lashmaniasis Hospital, the affected community representatives, academia and the media participated and commented on the findings of the research. PRSO described the research in two sections. In the first section the approach of the research, being from a social science approach and the research objectives and methodology was elaborated by Ehsan Shayagan and in the second section the findings was presented by Jawed Nazari, PRSO research board members.

The research received variety of comments from the participants. Dr. Nahzat, head of Malaria and Lashmania Institute spoke about the importance of research of this kind to bring out social issues to public policy debate. He appreciated the findings of the research conducted by PRSO and confirmed many of the findings were consistent with their assessment. However, he noted that some of the perception with regards to the sources of the disease lack scientific basis, which can’t be confirmed by a health experts. He noted that the institute and the ministry of health have taken some steps to address the issue and shall further increase intervention. He called upon the community leaders and the PRSO to set up a meeting with the Malaria and Lashmania Institute for further coordination to address the problem at Shahrak-e Etefaq. Representatives from the affected community thanked PRSO for taking this important social issue to the public forum through scientific research. However, they expressed their concern for lack of seriousness of the concerned executive authorities of the government to follow the people’s cause and act based on the findings of this research. They requested PRSO to share the research findings with the concerned stakeholders in the health affairs and help the community to reach them. PRSO expressed gratitude from the community and committed to share the findings to the concerned stakeholders.It is worth mentioning, that this research and the event for presentation of the findings is a unique of its kind in Afghanistan. PRSO has been established with a motive of research for informed decision to influence policy. Policy making is productive when all concerned stakeholders share thoughts on the problem at hand. PRSO problematized a social issue and brought together the stakeholders from the community, government and civil society to find out solutions to a health problem. This is in line with the core values of research at PRSO.